Removal of the ultrafine particle (PM1.0)

WHA-300 have the capability to remove "Fine dust", "Ultrafine particle", and any harmful particle in the air.

Clean 6-Stage Filtration System

Keep the room air fresh by removing bacteria, odor, germs, toxic substance (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetate, etc.) as well as ultrafine particle 99.9% perfectly

360° Rotating feature of the grill for Air Cleaning

360° Rotating grill circulates air it moves fresh air to far distance.

Powerful air-cleaning with 6013 air holes

Total of 6013 air holes placed on the four sides of WHA-300 purify the air by absorbing polluted air in the room, including ultrafine particle.

Cluster Ionizer

Effectively eliminate germs and odor (colon bacillus, ammonia, etc.) by releasing the cluster ionizer into the air.

Real-time Display of Air Quality

Check air quality at a glance by the color of LED with the dust sensor able to detect PM 2.5 (ultrafine particle).

Smart Features

Useful convenient and smart features like automatic air volume control, timer setting, sleep mode, etc.

Premier Design

An appealing design will be matched with any interior, and the beautiful color combination of white & black will make the interior gorgeous.

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Size 275 (W) x 278 (D) x 710 (H)
Power Consumption 33W
Suitable For Rooms Up To 49.5㎡ (532.8ft*)
Noise Level Max (Db(A)) 49.4Db (A)
Weight 7.3kg
Life Time for Each Filter
Pre-filter(Polyester) 4& months
HEPA (H11) Filter 12& months
Deodorization Filter (Activated Carbon) 12 months
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