Daiohs Coffee Machine K95L

This compact coffee machine offers 20 programmable beverages with ample options for customization.

Its large capacity, quick response time and the ability to be simultaneously used for coffee and milk / foam make it the ideal choice for small to medium offices and hotels.

7" LCD Touch Screen, Android System

It comes with an easy-to-operate touchscreen that is wide enough for you to go wrong choosing your coffee and your favourite coffee is just a one tap away!

20+ Programmable Beverages

20+ types of coffees can be brewed in one machine, so it can easily satisfy all your coffee needs at one place.

Tap Water Connection For Commercial Occassions

Forget about refilling water manually, just plug it to the water tap. And let water flow to machine automatically.

6L Large Water Tank Ideal For Office

The tank has a generous 6 liter capacity and is housed neatly on the machine.

Not only is it easy to remove, but also to re-fit.

Programmable Video For Brand Promotion And Advertisement

This 7" LCD touch screen can play your company video or advertisement to promote your business whenever your guests visit too!

Large 1000g Bean Hopper

This coffee filler is spacious enough for 120 - 140cups of coffee in one shot, so you won’t have to bother keep refilling your beans and where to store your coffee beans anymore!

Introducing Office Coffee Solutions

We Focus On Your Coffee, So You Can Focus On Your Business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime at your office.

One Fee For All

We would provide the coffee machine, coffee beans, and other coffee supplies in an easy and speedy process.

Regular Monthly Visit

We would visit customer’s office every month and also refill the coffee bean to minimize our customers hassle on inventory management.

Free Inspection,
Clean Up & Repair

We would periodically check the coffee machine and provide clean-up service. In case of mechanical failure, we would also provide free repair service.